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Purchsing a German driving licence. Obtaining a German driving licence requires completing driving school and successfully passing both a theory and practical examination. When applying for a driving licence, it’s important to provide documentation of an eye exam and complete a first aid course that includes 9 units, each lasting 45 minutes.

Where To Apply for German license and Requirements

In case you are on this page, it means you need a German driving license. I will love to assure you are the right page. Just contact support for instructions and guidance. 

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For German driving license application, you will have to submit the following;

1. Surname …….

   2. First name …….

   3. Date of birth …….

   4. Place of birth ……

   5. Signature … (Sign on plain white paper and send the picture of the signature as an attachment)

   6. Photo of yourself (make a clear photo of yourself with both ears visible and send it as an attachment.)

7. Detailed home address for delivery utility purpose.

Stay connected for any other information needed, you will be notified. 


German Driving Licence

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the different categories of German driving licences in order to make the appropriate selection. Each category from A to F corresponds to the types of vehicles that are allowed to be driven in Germany.

German driving licence. Category B driving license

Why purchase German driving license from us?

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“Having a German licence is crucial for driving legally in Germany. It showcases your excellent driving skills and enables you to effortlessly explore the various attractions of the country. Ensure your German licence for seamless travels and potential job prospects.

Cost of German Category B driving license

The average cost of obtaining a driving licence for a car is approximately 1,000€ (US$1,072 in May 2024). However, the actual cost can vary significantly depending on factors such as an individual’s skill level, location, and regional differences. Prices for driving schools vary depending on the specific school. The total amount covers fees for authorities and exams, learning materials, driving lessons, and tuition.

When you talk with our agents, you can get discounts ranging from 10% to 25%, depending on the time of year you wish to make your purchase.

How Long is a German Führerschein Valid?

You may have heard that a German driver’s license has no expiration date, but that is no longer true. That changed in 2013 when, conforming to EU guidelines, German driving licenses became valid for only 15 years. Licenses issued before January 19, 2013 will expire no later than January 19, 2033. If you obtain a German Führerschein now, it will expire in 15 years.
The following information applies to almost anyone applying for a German driver’s license, no matter from which non-EU country. (EU citizens with a license from their home country don’t need to get a German one.) Whether you come from Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the USA, or any other Drittstaat, the procedure is the same, with only minor variations, depending on your country’s license agreements with Germany. But you do have a few options.

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