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The best choice to buy a Belgian driving license is here! Our team of experts provides the highest quality of services that guarantee speed and reliability. act now ! If you have been browsing the internet and landed on this page, it means you need a Belgian driving license. You can apply for a Belgian driving license  here  or Buy a Belgian driving license without test or exam.



Get a Belgian driving license

Unlock your destiny with an original Belgian driving license

To apply for a Belgian driving license online, complete the form on the Contact  page  to discuss licensing requirements and the delivery procedure.


How to buy a Belgian driving license without taking the exam

How to buy a Belgian license from us

If you want to get a Belgian driving license without having to take a test, you’ve come to the right place. With our simple process you can buy a valid Belgian driving license quickly and easily.

Contact now to buy a Belgian driving license. A Belgian driving license is one of the most difficult documents to obtain. However, this may seem trivial and not immediately visible. The country’s unwavering commitment is to reduce the ease with which citizens and foreigners flood Belgian roads. Likewise, this strategy makes the obtaining procedure terrifyingly difficult.

Licensees must take classes within nine months. The requirements for a Belgian and an international driving license are similar. In Belgium, the difficulty of theory tests is increasing and the number of hours spent behind the wheel is increasing throughout schooling.
Perhaps this is why all candidates to Belgian examination centers have to repeat classes or pay for more practical training. You don’t have to get a difficult Belgian driving license. Obtaining an economic Belgian driving license is easy without a theory test, provisional permit or practical test. Genuine document providers minimize revision courses, reducing the burden on all students! Contact us  now to place your order.

To buy a driving license online, customers send us their details and signature and, if necessary, provide their Belgian category B driving license,  which is required for driving license registration.


A processing fee is charged before customer documentation is processed and licenses are printed to build trust between customers.


Before delivery, a photo or video will be sent to the customer as proof of creation and confirmed by the customer.


The customer sends the remaining payment amount along with his mailing address to which he will receive the driving license.

Cost Of A Belgian Driving License

The cost of purchasing a Belgian driving license through our website is surprisingly affordable. We offer competitive prices that are significantly lower than fees for driving lessons and tests. Plus, by saving you time and stress by not having to study and take the test, you’ll find that our service offers excellent value for money. 

Belgian driving license requirements

To purchase a Belgian driving license through our website, you must meet several basic requirements. You usually must be over 18 years old and have a valid ID card or passport. But with us you can get a Belgian driving license regardless of your age and nationality. Additionally, you will need to provide proof of residence in Belgium. We handle all necessary formalities and ensure that your new driving license is issued quickly and hassle-free

Payment methods

We offer various convenient payment methods to make purchasing a Belgian driving license as easy as possible. You can pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or even cash. Our secure payment processing system ensures that your personal and financial information will always be safe.

  • Thanks to our services, purchasing a Belgian driving license has never been easier. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty associated with passing the exam and get behind the wheel without any worries.

Remember that when driving, safety should always come first, so familiarize yourself with Belgian road traffic regulations and road signs before setting out. Enjoy your ride!

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Why you need our services

Are you not sure you can handle test anxiety? Do you suffer from an eye disease that could prevent you from obtaining a Belgian driving license? Don’t have time for a deluge of lessons, exams and instructor’s impromptu comments? In either case, purchasing a Belgian driving license online may be the best thing you can do today. 

We can produce category B licenses and others. Yours will also include your name, photo and authorization level for the necessary vehicle model. This will be registered with the relevant identity and driving information in the Belgian national system, ensuring that your driving license meets all your requirements.

To apply for a Belgian driving license online, click the button below and complete the form to discuss your driving license requirements and delivery procedure. 



Please provide us with all necessary details about yourself via WhatsApp or email.


Make a payment with Bitcoin or bank transfer. After confirmation, we start production


You will check your data and whether all information is correct. The driving license is delivered to your home address

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